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keyaki member 南国酒家原宿店(本館・迎賓館) NANGOKUSYUKA HARAJUKUTEN

Since a period of Showa 36, we have made an original Guangdong cooking. We cook a modern style of rice using a fresh meat and vegetable from across the country. We have a space for not only a lunch but also a party room where is possilbe to enter 200 people. All seats of main hall and dining room are prohibited smoking, but a private room is admitted to smoke.

In Meiji Shrine, Yoyogi Gymnasium, The NHK hall etc, all beside the restaurant named NANGOKUSHUKA.There aslo have the jostling event space. When you come harajuku for the event or when you renturn from an event you can take the course dinner slowly aslo have noodles easily. We only have the reservation for seats. please refer willingly.

You never want to miss the chance to taste「NANGOKUSHUKA original shark fin」「fried noodle with full of topping」. If you taste these two original dishes, you would be an admirer of NANGOKUSHUKA. Becuase all the dishes are good for your health and delicious at the same time.

Shibuyaku Jingumae 6-35-3
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