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keyaki member 原宿アストロホール ASTROHALL

Since may, 2000, a space has opened following by the Harajuku and Meiji streets. As same with a concept, \\'let\\'s enjoy a borderless!\\', all information from a live by Western and Japanese artists, comedians, a cinema preview show to a fashoin show are delivering! With keeping a neutral stance, we try to offer everyone including an artist and a guest a relaxable space.

We are all do our job with taking a responsibility while it may be natural to be thought that we are really make a reservation for a band. We do rock, pops, electro, acuostic,etc. For this reason, we advertise for a performer!!! We also wait a new project.

If you want to play or show your ability on our stage to share with all the people @ ASTROHALL, please send us demo tape(MD・CD・VIDEO all do) and profile(with photo) or come to ASTROHALL directly with demo tape(MD・CD・VIDEO all do) and profile. After screening, we will give you a call.

4-32-12, Jingumae, Shibuyaku
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It\\'s different from an event.

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