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Attention of in an/the "Harajuku Omotesando Official Navigation" application

This site is web portal of Harajuku Omotesando that is managed plan by the meeting"keyaki-kai"shopping district promotion association Harajuku Omotesando.
The meeting gives all one's energies keyaki-kai' shopping district promotion association Harajuku Omotesando' and the meeting does not do any guarantee about, the accuracy/complete nature of the data/information on this server keyaki-kai' shopping district promotion association Harajuku Omotesando', although it is managing "Harajuku Omotesando Official Navigation". Using "Harajuku Omotesando Official Navigation" information would appreciate it if you would do it in the responsibility of oneself not, or one that it matches to the demand of user oneself about the inspection and information collection of the Web, upon. An/the operation person can not take the responsibility of a/the whole, about the loss and damage that occurred with a/the cause that the data/information on this server is imperfect/be inaccurate.
Also, notice nonexistent strange or the operation person sometimes abolishes the contents, that are entered in each page on this server. Please acknowledge that, the contents that a user is publishing in each page where acknowledges previously are being entered on the basis of the data that obtained at the time of page production previously.
In of the application of this server as for the opinion/request/inquiry, please contact to this.